Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Wheat Fiasco

I know I am being overly dramatic about the wheat issue. I am simply frustrated because I hate waste. We have seven large drums that we inherited from my husband's parents. We thought they were all full of wheat or beans.

We moved all the drums to Dwight and had to leave them outside in the elements for lack of room. We covered them with a tarp and hoped for the best.

As my husband and I have been working in the yard, we decided to check on things. Even though the wheat was wrapped in plastic, half of the tubs were contaminated and rotting. Fortunately, we were able to salvage 3 barrels. When I purchased the plastic paint buckets for the washing detergent, I picked up extra and we used these to move the good wheat into a water-safe environment and make it small enough to get into the basement.

The other two wheat barrels and garbanzo bean barrel smelled horrible! I have a strong stomach after doing diapers almost non-stop for the last 8 years but this was almost too much for me. We took the barrels out to the leave dump spot in the back yard and pushed the barrels over.

To the left bottom side of this picture you can see some of the grain on the ground as well as the carpet we laid over the top. It smelled so horrible we covered it so our neighbors wouldn't have to suffer.

In the remaining bucket we found these sealed bags. The label reads Mung Beans. Honestly, I had to look those up. I have never cooked with mung beans and I didn't even know what they looked like!

When I'm feeling especially adventurous, I'll try finding a recipe using mung beans and try them out. For now, I added them to food storage.

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